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Membership w PHAFCA

Resolutions of the General Meeting of Members of PHAFCA, 28.04.05:

1. The general assembly of members of PHAFCA define the following amount of membership fees:

  • Regular members - 30 PLN/year
  • Regular members (students and Ph.D students) - 10 PLN/year
  • Supporting members - min. 1000 PLN/year

Bank Pekao S.A. Oddział w Krakowie ul. Czysta 21
27 1240 4559 1111 0000 5419 6311

2. Supporting members of PHAFCA can use the logo of the association for the purpose of complying with the statute of the association with the consent of the association

Members of the association:
  • Ordinary members
  • Supporting members
  • Honorary members

Membership declarations